Olea is founded in simplicity of design. The following principles are the foundation of everything we do.


The only thing that you want is something that works. We will never design a product in a way that deliberately makes it hard to use.

This is the base of our foundation.


Complexity complicates design and distracts from the task at hand. Focusing on the task allows us to bring a better experience to what you need most.

This builds on our foundation.


The more people that can benefit from a product, the better. If you can't use a design, it's bad design.

This completes our foundation.

In Practice

Through these principles, we create in ways that respect privacy and accessibility.


Pragmatism: You do not have to enter any information about yourself to use our products, making them easier to use.

Minimalism: No data is collected about you that is not required to provide you a good experience.

Universality: Many people, like us, do not use anything that doesn't respect privacy, and those people can comfortably use our products.


Pragmatism: When you want to work for everybody, you make for accessibility.

Minimalism: Our website is simple for screen readers to interpret and easily responds to browser preferences, such as text sizing.

Universality: By definition, this includes people with disabilities. We try to implement accessibility features in every medium we enter.